Parenting and family counseling

Hi, I'm Esther

Do you find it hard to understand your child's behavior, do your children argue a lot or do you have a doubt as a parent? Then you are in the right place.


I am certified by the Aware Parenting Institute as a parenting consultant. Let me help you to find peace and harmony at home again.

My work is based on neuroscience and developmental psychology. I focus on healing from stress and trauma at home. I give a lot of attention to the child's temperament and the circumstances of each family.

With aware parenting you will start parenting as an adult, and find the strength you need.

Potential parenting obstacles

Each parent faces at some point an obstacle. And that's totally okay. In fact, it is the only way to grow. So it is courageous to doubt, pause and ask for help.

Possible issues:

  • Disrupted breastfeeding patterns
  • Bedtime struggles
  • Loneliness during the maternity or paternity months
  • Setting limits is hard
  • Transition to daycare or nursery
  • Agressive behavior up to 8 years old
  • Sibling fights
  • Frquent tears and tantrums
  • Your child won't listen to you
  • Unconditional communication is hard as a parent
  • High sensitivity and temper of your child
  • Accidents and death
  • Screen addiction
  • Tension and stress at school
Together we will discover what you need to connect with yourself and your children