Hello, I'm Esther. I am your Aware Parenting consultant.


- Born in Ghent, Belgium in 1986

- Graduated as Communications Manager in 2008 (Belgium and France)

- Moved to Barcelona in 2012

- Dan's partner since 2013

- Mom of Pau in 2016 and Aina in 2020

- Certified Aware Parenting Instructor in 2022

The Aware Parenting principles challenged me. I found it fascinating to understand young humans, their needs and natural development.

Personal evolution

Being a mom changed me in a very positive way, and... it also turned my world upside down. I mainly kept up my appearance but often felt tired and out of balance.

Three-year-old Pau and his temper tantrums were my invitation. I opened my first book on Conscious Parenting. It felt like waking up. Such a relief... I could start parenting from my own values, with a blank page.

Slowing down brought me closer to my essence. I was able to be more playful as a parent and meet my children in the moment.

The art of slowing down

Covid-19 allowed me to take a professional break. By slowing down, I was able to support Pau as a sensitive toddler, and I was there for Aina her first 1000 days. We all needed space. And time. I felt empowered to pause my career for a while, understanding that the pressure we felt earlier wasn't healthy for us.

Daring to embrace the young years of our children and support them in their needs, was a beautiful decision.

Of course I also struggled with my role and position as a woman. What about my career, and my other roles in life? But this time I listened to my gut feeling. I started to trust more, and move away from fear.

Still, nobody said it was easy

Living abroad with two kids, is not always a walk in the park.So we looked for a nursery as a support, and went to a therapist as a couple. We started respecting our own needs. Information about the home environment such as Montessori at home, children's sensory needs and sensory processing has also helped us enormously.

The reward of slowing down

Family life became more fun. We dared to make choices as a family, because our values became clearer. We moved with our two children to the foot of our favorite mountain, the Montseny. And I knew that after Aina's first 1000 days, I wanted to get back to work. But in a healthy and balanced way. By now, I am certified by the Aware Parenting institute as Aware Parenting Instructor.

Understanding families and reconnecting them has become a true passion.

My mission

My mission is to give parents confidence in themselves and in their children. This way I can help parents reconnect with their children, without putting more guilt on them.

My philosophy

My vision is that every parent deserves a counselor during their parenting. Understanding the pressure of society, and trusting your child, and yourself as a parent is one of the most difficult challenges in life. Let me help you with that.

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