What is Aware Parenting?

Aware Parenting starts with ... you

It is an attitude. It is to want to understand a child's actual needs, your own needs and to be compassionate with yourself.

That sounds very simple, but in practice it isn't always that easy.

Discovering and respecting your own needs is crucial for Aware Parenting.

  • Treating your child as an equally worth person
  • To see challening behavior as a cry for help
  • To trust your own child
  • To honour your own needs
  • To know your triggers
  • To dare to be different
  • To care for yourself
  • To accept your child
  • To involve others
  • To say sorry when you made a mistake
  • To connect by playing and laughing
  • To dare to say No in a performance obsessed society

Stress and tension in children

Children know very well how to heal from stress and tension at home. However, our busy culture and social expectations are not always ready for that. If you learn how to recognize your child's tension, you will create space and start looking beyond your child's behavior.

Mental health starts from an early age.

Are there many rules?

Aware Parenting doesn't mean you have to hide your personality and behave unnaturally as a parent. You don't have to be a theoretical parent, super mom or super dad. That is impossible and unnecessary. Saying sorry after you nade a mistake, is more powerful than constantly striving for perfection for example.

I am here to guide you, to explore how you can thrive as a parent and to give you confidence in your parenting.

More information

Read more about the three elements and the developmental psychology of the Aware Parenting Institute. Aletha Solter has helped enormously by revealing the myths and the pressure of our society and defends the real needs of young children.

aware parenting aletha solter
You don't have to be a superhero to be an Aware Parent.

When we develop deep trust in our child, and are curious enough to understand the causes of their behavior, we make room for wonderful moments to emerge at home.

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